Kimora Lee & Aoki Lee Reveal Strained Ties With Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons Reacts After Kimora Lee & Daughter Aoki Lee Accuse Him Of Harassment, Intimidation, And Financial Abuse (VIDEOS)

Hardly 24 hours after Father’s Day ended, Aoki Lee Simmons emotionally revealed strained ties with her dad Russell Simmons. Both Aoki and her mother, Kimora Lee Simmons, accused the hip-hop mogul of harassment, intimidation, and financial abuse in multiple posts shared on Instagram.

Ming Lee Simmons, on the other hand, remained silent online as her mother and sister exposed Russell Simmons. However, per her mother, a Father’s Day tribute Ming Lee posted triggered Russell’s latest offline ‘attacks’ against their family.

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The post on Ming Lee’s Instagram Story featured Kimora and a toddler-sized Ming on a Baby Phat runway. The 23-year-old wrote, “Happy Father’s Day [white heart emoticon]” on the photo.

Russell Simmons Reacts To Accusations From Kimora Lee & Aoki Lee

After multiple posts–including text and video “receipts”–from Kimora and Aoki, Russell Simmons took to his Instagram with a paragraph-long reaction. He shared a photo of Ming Lee and Aoki with the post.

He initially wrote:

“God is testing yu a little bit, it’s oka, be strong, they are called growing pains. As you know…we grow through adversity and struggle you were forced to read my books and hear me preach your whole childhood. Reach back remember to remember “smile and breathe” smile and breathe you are the watchers of this world so let go, be at ease. God is driving, and he is working on you. No conditions for sure, I love you guys more then I love myself.”

Then, sometime after, he edited the caption to include the line, “DEEPLY sorry for being frustrated and yelling.” 

Simmons also shared a meme-like post: “Serve God, do good karmic work, let go of all neediness, and the mind will settle.” 

Here’s What Kimora Lee Had To Say About Russell On Juneteenth

As mentioned, Kimora took to Instagram Live on June 19, wiping at tears and detailing aspects of her rocky relationship with Russell.

She suggested that any social media posts depicting a friendship with her or a healthy, communicative relationship with the Simmons girls don’t reflect current reality. Though she didn’t show them, Kimora Lee stated she has “receipts” to back up her claims.

The former supermodel said their ties to Russell Simmons soured a few months ago after he allegedly cut off his daughters financially without warning during finals and ahead of graduation. At the time, he was allegedly contributing about $500 a month to his daughters’ college expenses.

Additionally, Kimora Lee revealed that Russell’s financial status isn’t wealthy–despite him reportedly claiming so in an interview with DJ Akademiks.

“I have been financially carrying this person probably for the last, at least, 10 years. Myself and my ex-husband. Again, this is all proven with receipts, so if someone doesn’t like what I’m talking about, we can come, we can open up our receipts. I love it, I love receipts. But I’ve taken care of this person to the tune of many, many, many millions of dollars to help with their bills, their overhead, their companies that they run into the ground, their unsuccessful bids, all of their stuff.”

She added that conversation and money-wise, Russell cutting off Ming and Aoki was “very tough for them.” On top of cutting them off, he’s allegedly questioned their decision to go to college–despite his celebratory graduation posts for both young women in May.

“All of a sudden now these kids are brain-washed, all of a sudden now these young women, who are grown women, are babies,” Kimora Lee said. “They have their own relationship with you, you have your own non-existent relationship with them. I’m just asking that you please leave us alone.”

Kimora Lee also claimed receipts of “crazy sh*t” Russell Simmons has done, like allegedly sending flowers to himself and sharing them to social media as a gift from her.

Aoki Lee Says Russell Simmons Has “Threatened And Bullied” Her Sister & Grandma

At one point, Aoki Lee stepped into her mother’s live stream, saying her father “flat broke.” She recalled her father telling her to take the subway at night rather than calling her an Uber.

The 20-year-old also said her family has “tried” to keep these matters private, but Russell allegedly “taunts and bullies” them “EVERYDAY.” Later, in her tearful live stream, Aoki revealed that her father weaponizes their silence, and that’s why she’s speaking out now.

The Harvard graduate said her mother has tried to shield her from her father’s antics, and she’s tried to ignore them. However, she claims Russell always involves the children, turning to berating behaviors when they disagree with villainizing Kimora Lee.

Additionally, the 20-year-old says this has been ongoing since her teenage years. She says Russell has previously involved her boyfriend and friends in domestic situations by calling and messaging them.

She shared muted video calls with Russell, showing him yelling with angry facial expressions and Whats App message exchanges.




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