Soulja Boy Says He's The First Rapper To Have Fanta Jello (Video)

Soulja Boy Says He’s The First Rapper To Have Fanta Jello (Video)

If it’s one thang Big Draco will do, that’s remind you that he was the first to do ever do it. Lately, Soulja Boy has reminded us he was the first to do many thangs.

From YouTube to game consoles, Icebox, and NFT’s, Soulja Boy has let it be known that he is the one that started all of this. In a recent Instagram video, Soulja Boy stated that he was the first rapper to have Fanta Jello Packs.


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“Y’all ain’t never had the Fanta jello, stop playing,” Soulja Boy said in the video. “I’m the first rapper with the Fanta jello! I don’t wanna hear nothing bout it from nobody. Never!”

Speaking of Soulja Boy, on Saturday the rapper stated he and Bow Wow would go toe-to-toe in a ‘Verzuz’ battle.

He tweeted, “Soulja Boy vs Bow Wow #verzuz it’s official.”


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This was after he inserted himself into the discussion and said Bow Wow was scared of him, “Bow Wow scared of me, man…You see when Romeo said something, he jumped right on it but as soon as they said Big Draco name, Bow Wow be quiet as hell making up all types of excuses, man. Bow Wow knows what’s up with me.”

Soulja said there’s no love lost, though.

“That’s my boy, though. I love Bow Wow, you know what I’m saying? That’s like my friend in real life. That’s like my real brother but when it comes to Verzuz and all that, man, stop playing Bow Wow.”

Recently, Soulja Boy also stated that multiple record labels wanted to sign him because of his successful single, “Make It Clap.” He stated. “I really freestyled ‘She Make It Clap’ on Twitch, then dropped it as a real song, and it went viral,” He wrote. “#1 on TikTok, and I got like 5 record deals from it. I’m goated, bro no Kizzy.”

He also called out rappers for trying to hop on the TikTok wave. Soulja tweeted, “And I see these rappers copying my TikTok wave. They think they slick. Y’all wasn’t doing this last month, lmao. I go #1, and here they come.” He continued mentioning that the song’s success was better than rappers signed to major labels with large marketing budgets.





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