#Roommates, it’s been a minute since we’ve heard about Tekashi 69, let alone his girlfriend Jade Ashley. As you all already know, Tekashi 69 has been locked up for months now after his arrest on racketeering charges. But just because he’s been locked up, doesn’t mean he’s been out here without a boo!  His girlfriend Jade is STILL holding him down while he’s been in the clink, and her latest act of love has everyone confused.

Now, before we get into her new tattoo, it’s only been 7 months since the first time Tekashi & Jade were spotted together back in November of 2018. See them cutting up for the first time  in the studio below:

Just days after this Instagram post, Tekashi was taken in by police and well… you know the rest. If by chance you need something to refresh your memory, CLICK HERE

Back to the tea, Jade has been holding 6ix9ine down since he’s been in the big house. Sis even makes time to visit him while he’s away:

Though 6ix9ine is behind bars, he still manages to gift her with expensive gifts. Likeeeee when he bought sis a G-Wagon for Christmas:

Shortly after the G-Wagon surprise, sis popped up on the ‘gram out of no where with a “69” tattoo in honor of her jail bird bae.

But wait, there’s more! It seems like one tattoo just wasn’t enough for Ms. Jade Ashley, as she is now sporting ANOTHER Tekashi tat, this time a little more obvious than the “69” near her collar bone:

Whew! See if she wanted to cover up that “69” tattoo she still had an opportunity, but now that his whole face is tatted, there’s no turning back. It’s rumored that Tekashi could possibly be released from jail as soon as September, but there are so many factors that can play a role in his potential release. Regardless, do y’all think Jade is just in love OR does sis know something we don’t know?