Bernie Mac's Daughter Weighs In On Katt Williams (Video)

IKDR! Watch As Bernie Mac’s Daughter Weighs In On Katt Williams’ Viral Interview (Video)

Bernie Mac‘s daughter, Je’Niece McCullough, has weighed in on Katt Williams‘ viral sitdown with Shannon Sharpe. As The Shade Room previously reported, video of the pair’s interaction was published via YouTube on Wednesday, January 3.

Since then, the interview has garnered over 29 million views.

Additionally, Williams has gone viral for accusing Cedric The Entertainer of allegedly stealing a joke of his, calling Rickey Smiley bitter, referring to Kevin Hart as an “industry plant,” accusing Ludacris of being a part of the Illuminati, downplaying Tiffany Haddish’s career, and more.

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Katt Williams’ Comments On Bernie Mac

During Williams’ viral conversation with Sharpe, the 52-year-old shared his thoughts on the late Bernie Mac. The comedian passed away on August 9, 2008.

Mac was 50 years old and reportedly experienced complications of an inflammatory disease called sarcoidosis, per UI Health.

While speaking with Sharpe, Williams seemed to allege that fellow comedian Steve Harvey disliked Mac. Williams referred to Harvey’s previous comments about closing out the “Kings Of Comedy” tour. As The Shade Room previously reported, the tour featured Cedric The Entertainer, DL Hughley, Harvey, and Mac.

“…The whole time Bernie was here, you was acting like you was funnier than him — the reason you were supposed to go last is because it was your tour! Tell the truth,” he explained. “It was Steve’s tour. Not it was gonna be called ‘The Kings of Comedy,’ it was Steve’s tour. These are the guys opening for him — of course, you gotta close if it’s your tour. That’s why it was such a big deal, but you couldn’t do it. Cause you can’t beat the best, and until you humble yourself, you will forever be kinged by the king…”

Williams explained that Bernie Mac “was funnier” than all of his fellow comedians. He then concluded by reiterating that Mac was the king of comedy and “the best.”

Bernie’s Daughter Je’Niece Weighs In

On Friday, January 5, McCullough took to her official Instagram account to share a clip of Williams’ interview along with her own thoughts.

McCullough referred to Williams’ sit down as the “interview heard ’round the world.” Shen then explained that her opinion on the matter may be “boring” to some,

“I just want people to keep in mind that my dad has been dead for fifteen years [and] I have not been fully immersed in the world of comedy… I don’t know Katt Williams — never met him. That’s one person I never did get to meet when my dad was alive,” she explained. “But from everything that I’ve ever heard my dad say, he’s always seemed like a stand-up dude. So I have no qualms, no quarrels with him.”

She then explained that she thought Williams’ interview was “hilarious” and “entertaining.” Additionally, she shared that she’s seen comments from social media users wishing that the comedians could all get along.

McCullough explained that that’s not the reality of the situation.

“Well, it’s because everybody doesn’t get along,” she said. “I think that’s one of the misconceptions about comedians, and I guess it’s due to the fact that what they do brings so much joy… Everybody thinks that behind closed doors, it’s all love and nah. It’s not. They’ve always been competitive.”

She explained that the comedic industry has always been “cut-throat.” However, she gives Katt Williams her “utmost admiration and respect” for giving her father “his props and his flowers.”

McCullough explained that she felt Williams’ sentiments about her dad were “genuine.” However, she also acknowledged that sentiments from other people and figures haven’t always felt that way.

Watch her share her full thoughts below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users have entered McCullough’s comment section to share their reactions to her thoughts.

Instagram user @whiteboy_steve_ wrote.
“The last 15yrs have been boring boo!!! But yes your daddy is and was the greatest!!!! 🙌🙌”
While Instagram user @ben1pro added.
“The internet found a clip of your father saying “don’t work on new material in front of a lot of comedians!” I’m proud he is still getting his flowers going on 16yrs later..”
Instagram user @miss_aries_2_u wrote.
‘”What goes around comes back around'” and ‘you may have gotten by but you won’t get away’ are two of my favorite sayings. Us older heads know and remember exactly what the real is. Your dad was amazing and his fans truly misses him. Much love and blessing to you🙏🏾❤️”
While Instagram user @jamericankarla added.
“Your dad IS THE KING OF COMEDY!!! He was only reason i purchased a ticket 💯💯”
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