Wayment! Hulu Throws Shade At Netflix Using Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics

Wayment! Hulu Throws Shade At Netflix Using Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics

Whoever was in charge of Hulu’s Twitter account on Wednesday was feeling a cross between stanning and spicy! Hulu used Megan Thee Stallion’s lyrics to plant palms trees over competing streaming service Netflix.

Not Hulu Being Shady 

“We love Megan Thee Stallion because some of her verses include rhetorical questions,” Hulu tweeted. “Megan: ‘Netflix or Hulu, baby you choose,'” Hulu said in a second tweet with a side grin emoji.

The tweets are referencing the song ’34+ 35 (Remix)’ by Ariana Grande featuring Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. As of Thursday morning, the song’s official video has garnered over 83 million and 2.5 million likes.

“He finna act like a dog in it so he get the bald kitty (Yeah, yeah),” Megan raps on Ariana’s song. “Netflix or Hulu? Baby, you choose (You Choose).”

Twitter user @jkline120 complimented Hulu’s shade writing, “This is very great.” And Hulu didn’t miss an opportunity to humble brag, responding “Thank you, we agree.”

Silence From Netflix

From the looks of it, Netflix either hasn’t received the message or is choosing to ignore it. Their Twitter timeline lacks a direct or subtle response. Instead, the competing service shared content found within TV shows and movies streaming on their app, including Bubba Wallace’s story. If you didn’t know, Netflix released a docu-series on Bubba, who is the “only full-time Black NASCAR driver in the Cup series, per Netflix.


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Megan’s Heated Exchanges

Hulu’s praise comes hours after back-and-forths on social media between Megan and Carl Crawford and Megan and Akademiks and Megan and Tory Lanez. First, Carl shared a headline celebrating a dismissed case against him. Meg caught the post and blasted Carl saying there’s still another lawsuit for money she was never paid.

Meg also called out media personality DJ Akademiks after he issued a tweet about DNA findings before court even started. He doubled down on his claims after being called out. According to AK, a court document he’s seen said DNA results from the gun and magazine returned inconclusive.

“How are you specifically able to see documents before they come out in court,” Megan asked AK. “What you saying is his lawyer sharing evidence with bloggers? Got it.”

Ultimately, the court pushed the pre-trial to April 5.

Tory and Megan also exchanged words on Instagram and Twitter. Tory seemingly threw shots at Meg amid her exchanges with Akademiks. He tweeted, “u can’t buy and tweet your way out of this one…not today.” Meg responded directly, even sharing a text thread featuring Tory apologizing for an unspecified incident.

He then explained his apology and said it was for getting caught having sex with two best friends. From Meg’s response, Tory seemed to be insinuating the besties were her and Kelsey, who was reportedly present during the shooting.

Meg clarified that Kelsey “definitely ain’t” shoot her and urged Tory to “just admit [he] shot [her].” At one point, Pardi stepped into the conversation and invited Tory to have the conversation one-on-one and offline.


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