Tyrese Claims Label Dropped Him On Anniversary Of Mom's Death

Tyrese Says His Label Released Him On Anniversary Of His Mother’s Passing

Tyrese Gibson seems to be having a tough Valentine’s Day. Along with the one-year anniversary of his mother’s death, the singer revealed his label, Voltron Recordz, released him.

He poured his reaction to the label’s decision, words for mother Priscilla Murray, and a mention of ex-wife Samantha Gibson into a few Instagram posts. Gibson’s mother passed away after health complications due to Covid-19 and pneumonia.

He wrote:

“I really thought I would be doing much better today all week I feel like I was preparing myself to mentally emotionally and psychologically get through this very tragic day for me nad my family. Today my mother transitioned of all days on Valentine’s Day last year 2022…Same year my father died [Reggie Andrews Locke Saints father figure.”


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Gibson shared a screenshot of a cropped contract with the termination date listed as Feb. 14. A caption that says, “my label dropped me on the same day my mother passed,” covers most of the contract text.

However, a line at the bottom of the screenshot says: “the term of the distribution agreement shall be deemed terminated as of the effective date.” The contract termination comes days after Tyrese drummed up hype for his seventh studio album, Beautiful Pain, with the official single Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me. 


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He first reportedly shared news of the 14-track album last year, but Voltronz Records was to be in charge of its distribution. It’s unclear if the contract termination means a delay on the album, but the project reportedly features Snoop Dogg, Tank, and Brandy.

Regarding being released, he also wrote:

“The single [Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me] is available on all platforms and thank you to Radio. I’m overwhelmed with joy, but it’s hard for me to celebrate anything right now I’m sitting in the audience looking at this all played out right in front of me….. I got dropped on my label today, but I trust in God, and I also trust his move from God to put me in a room, a partnership with the right partner who can hold my head with this song and this #BeautifulPain album….Being mad at me for being expensive is like being mad at MARY J BLIGE!!! Sing from the and will always effect HEARTS!”

Voltron Recordz has not publicly responded to the singer’s claim.


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Tyrese Says He Doesn’t Know Why Ex-Wife Samantha Filed For Divorce

Elsewhere in the same post about being released, the singer mentioned his ex-wife, Samantha, and their wedding anniversary, which was also celebrated on Feb. 14 after getting married in 2017.  They welcomed their only child and daughter Soraya in October 2018.

However, Samantha filed for divorce in 2020. Last August, a Georgia judge ruled that Tyrese has to pay $10,000 in monthly child support and $209,000 in back pay. But that amount was reduced to $169,000, given that Tyrese paid for Samantha’s car for two years.

“Just so happens to be the same day that I got married to Samantha….Still to this day I have no clue as to why she filed for divorce..Just so happened to be the same day that I just got dropped from my label….Imagine that? I’m all over the place, we’re supposed to take my daughter to school this morning I couldn’t even get out of bed…”

Singer Surprises Girlfriend Zelie Timothy With Valentine’s Day Gifts 

Though his day appeared to start with grief, Tyrese seemingly directed his attention to love as the day passed. He shared a few heartfelt posts about his girlfriend Zelie Timothy, praising her love and patience. The singer surprised his lady with V-Day decor, Chanel gifts, and a shoutout on The Jennifer Hudson Show. 

“In my mind, I anticipated that I was going to feel something leading up to February 14th, which is the first anniversary of my mother’s passing… the one thing about being in therapy is my therapist said when you’re intentional about joy and happiness it will always follow you like your own shadow. The joy for me is Zelie and my beloved two beautiful daughters. I made her stay in the master bedroom and I told her that I have a very special surprise. Most of my staff were exhausted so I had to arrange most of it on my own.”


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Zelie responded to Tyrese’s gifts with a heartfelt message for her bae and a mention of his mother.

“My Valentines Day went a little something like this … Whew Love always WINS! Coming home from the @jenniferhudsonshow to you hiding me in the bathroom and bringing me out to the best Valentine’s Day surprises ever,” Zelie wrote. “So thoughtful babyyyyy! It was very clear that you thought about this. You went into every detail to pour into me and fill up my love tank! I’m so proud of you @Tyrese. So much happened on this day but you finding your smile and strength is amazing. May your beloved mothers soul rest in heaven. I wish I would’ve met her so that I can tell her thank you for giving birth to the love of my life!”


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