Charlamagne Talks Jess Hilarious & 'Breakfast Club' Host Process

Whew! Watch Charlamagne React To Jess Hilarious’ ‘Breakfast Club’ Announcement & Show’s Selection Process

Chile! Charlamagne Tha God isn’t “happy” about the selection process for a permanent host of ‘The Breakfast Club.’ Meanwhile, he’s also claiming to be clueless about whether Jess Hilarious actually got the gig.

A new street interview with TMZ marks the second time he has spoken on the gig in the last week. When the outlet approached him, he was leaving iHeartRadio in NYC. He, once again, expressed confusion about the selection process for their third host.

When the pap asked ‘Where is Jess?” and “What’s going on with our new third host?” Charlamagne’s first reaction was, “Huh?”

“Jess? I don’t know where Jess is. Jess has a podcast called ‘The Carefully Reckless Podcast’ on the Black Effect/iHeartRadio podcast network. She’s doing stand-up. Jess doing her thing.”

As for what’s up with the third host, he repeated similar sentiments to last week. According to Tha God, he’s still in the dark — and “not happy” — about updates in the selection process.

“That is a great question, I would really like to know the answer to that. I mean, I just came from downstairs, it was just me and Envy doing the show, again. Everybody knows we were rotating guest hosts, you know, last year. And we said we was gon’ start of 2024 with a new host and that hasn’t happened yet.”

Charlamagne Speaks On Whether Jess Hilarious Was Serious About Permanent ‘Breakfast Club’ Gig

As previously reported, Jess announced the permanent hosting gig was officially hers in December. At the time, neither Charlamagne nor DJ Envy publicly commented on or congratulated Jess on the announcement.

TMZ’s pap asked whether Jess meant what she said about being offered the permanent host position.

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know,” Charlamagne said. “But I’m not happy, we”ll find out soon enough though.”

Watch his comments to TMZ below.

Last week, during their show, Charlamagne and DJ Envy opened up about the stalled search for a host. The way Charla put it, he doesn’t know “what the hell’s going on.”

He claimed the process was always going to take about a year because: “Angela Yee, I’ve always said, is irreplaceable. So the person coming here is not replacing someone — if there’s somebody coming here.” 

Angela first announced she was leaving in August 2022. She hosted her last ‘Breakfast Club’ show later that year in December.

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Swipe below to see Charlamagne and Envy’s recent comments and Jess’ December announcement.

One thing Charlamagne was clear on is that there won’t be anymore rotating hosts. Guessing that includes Jess Hilarious? He didn’t say but reiterated that he was not happy about the entire process.

“Oh no, I’m not doing that no more. Nah, nah I’m done with the rotating of the guest host,” he said.

He added, that he will let us “know” when he IS happy again.

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