Scrappy Reacts After Bambi Says He Filed Court Case Against Her

And It Continues! Lil Scrappy Reacts After Bambi Alleges He’s Taken Her “Back To Court”

Whew! Roommates, Lil Scrappy and his exes have been in media headlines since last summer. From briefly kicking it with Diamond last year to giving rekindled relationship vibes with Erica Dixon earlier this week and now addressing his ex-wife Bambi speaking on their co-parenting relationship. If you didn’t know, Bambi and Scrappy share three children, including twin daughters and a son.

They got divorced in 2023 after five years of marriage. Last month, Scrappy claimed this period of his life is the happiest he’s been, adding that he “couldn’t do nothing” when he was married.

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Scrappy Says Bambi “Always Acts Like A Victim”

As for Adiz The Bam, she recently spoke with the hosts of the ‘Relationships Matter’ podcast about co-parenting and healing.

When asked about the consistency of Scrappy’s parenting in real life vs. on social media, THIS is what Bambi replied:

“It’s hard because he has taken me back to court. Like we only got divorced six months ago,” she said, adding the reason. “Because I wrote a children’s book and I used the likeness of my children in the book, so it’s very petty. So when he bashes me on social media and when he goes on these blogs and these podcasts and do all these things, of course, it is a little hurtful. But then I’m just like me going back and forth with him on social media would not be conducive to me doing what’s in the best interest of my kids. So I’m not going to be nasty because I just don’t have that energy in me at all.”

Scrappy seemingly wasn’t here for what she had to say. In the comment section of the teaser, he wrote:

“She always acts like a victim but God and time will show the real. I never bash her I just tell my side and she hates that.”

Scrap & Erica Seemingly Vacation In Aruba Amid Viral Joint Interview

Meanwhile, on his Instagram Story, Scrap spoke about people biting the hand that’s previously fed them!

“Aye, only the arrogant, disrespectful motherf**kers or the motherf**kers that ain’t hipped on game, they forget what you’ve done for them. They forget what you’ve done for them and they will see the timely demise for themselves. Cause you can’t be selfish in the game, in life period.” 

It seemed like the Atlanta rapper was traveling from a beachside vacation in Aruba, per his other IGS and in-feed posts. In the post below, he appeared to reveal that he had been traveling and filming with Erica.

Despite claiming to be single last month, Scrappy told Erica he’s always been in love with her — together or not — in a recent interview with Carlos King.

In that same interview, Dixon also addressed Bambi previously accusing her of child abuse. Erica confirmed that she doesn’t “like” Bam and she “never” has, “never will.”

“One, you lied — said my daughter told you I abused her. Then, tried to post a portion of a police report, so instead of posting an entire police report — which stated that the police officers spoke to Emani, spoke to [Scrappy] and she said, ‘I never said that. I’m not afraid of my mom, none of that. There’s no abuse.’ And my child was walked out of that house and given to me. And if you would’ve showed the full police report, it would have showed that,” Erica said.

Given her interview comments about social media clapbacks, it’s unlikely Bambi will respond to Scrappy for the world to see. But only time will tell…

See the rest of Bambi’s comments in the two-part podcast interview here.

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